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A double bachelor on the  field of art and culture. I have lived many lives.

I create from my own experiences. From things I encounter, see, experience and feel. I am no saint, I make mistakes, I am human. I always look for the good in people and that has gotten me in trouble at times.


I want to take art out of galleries, into the surrounding world, among walking paths, in abandoned locations and serene palaces, where thought and mind rests and wonders. I like the concept of "not going to see art in galleries" but finding it while taking a walk or exploring nature. 

I want to speak my thoughts through art and help others get their voices heard too. I create for myself but hope that maybe someone gets something from my creations as well.

I work in cultural management and work on my own art from my home studio. I have worked as a teacher and instructor for over ten years. I have produced art classes and art exhibitions to prisons and other closed facilities.


My newest art creations deal with my own experiences of reactive abuse, narcissism and manipulation, abandonment and self-study. I also process my experiences as a mother of a micro preemie born at 26 weeks, fragility of life and dealing life with different medical aids and equipment. 

Born in 1982

From Finland


Three kids

Dog, cat 

and a house

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